FTP Clarifications and Amendments.

FTP Clarifications and Amendments, DGFT Matters / Export License from DGFT, IEC issuance & modification, Import Licenses of Negative list from DGFT, SCOMET export / import License, Issuance of Status Certificates, MEIS, SEIS, Inclusion of items / countries in FPS / FMS / revision of rates, Adv. / Annual Adv. Lic.- Issuance and Redemption, DFIA Licenses – issuance & redemption, SION Fixation / Revision, E.P.C.G. Lic. Issuance and Redemption, TED & Deemed Export, Legalisation of documents & our other services, in Delhi.

FTP is formulated by DGFT / MOC / MOF after due deliberation. However exporter / importer sometimes finds some issues left out / un-addressed / incomplete in the FTP / HBP. In such cases, there arises the need to amend / modify the existing provision or to get incorporated a new provision in FTP / HBP so that the problem being faced could be resolved. Sometimes, a clarification on the issue by DGFT also resolves the problem.

We advise, prepare the representation and follow up to get Policy / HBP amended / new provisions incorporated by the DGFT / MOC, for any genuine difficulty being faced by exporters / importers on any issue.